POLL: On What Singular Political Issue do You Vote?

by October 15th, 2008 - Polls » Political »

What single pet project, political preference, or principle is most important to you when selecting a political candidate?

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I find it hard to believe that anyone will vote for either John McCain or Barack Obama, the Republican or Democratic platform because the policies respectively connected to these match the voter’s ideals to any significant degree. This is because neither have a fundamental philosophy or principle from which their policies necessarily spring. Further removing any meaning from the political process, they pander to the lowest common denominator and move more to the moderate center…their only true passion or belief attached to a need for a job and a high school will to win a popularity contest.

That said, voters wasting their vote on either of these two must either be died in the kool-aid home team fanatics or voting on their passion or fear regarding one particular issue, which generally results in the voting against a candidate rather than for a candidate…a case of “Oh dear god…not him…because of his stance on [X].”

What is [X] ? For what single issue are you willing to abandon all others?

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