Salvador Dali’s Epic 4G

by December 25th, 2010 Creative » Artsy » Culture »

So I happened into the Shops at Columbus Circle the other day and just so happened upon a very welcome exhibition, Salvador Dali “The Vision of a Genius”, a scattering of surrealist sculptures and sketches that while not as dynamic as his paintings, still sufficiently stimulates the senses while shopping. Dali’s art, of course, orgasms […]

The Political Conversation

by June 27th, 2009 Creative » Artsy » Politics »

Doesn’t look like anyone is using this flag much anymore. I’ve updated it to reflect our post-post-modern times…

Teorema 2016: Ciao Mondo!

by June 17th, 2009 Creative » Artsy » Politics »

I am not quite sure what I am campaigning for… …but I certainly appear to be…

Winter King

by April 4th, 2009 Creative » Artsy »

The Sporadical skeptically promotes the following:
SKEPTIC Reason Penn and Teller Frank Zappa