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Falling Through the Cracks While Fluffing Pillows

by August 20th, 2011 Philosophy » Site Info »

This last week, I’ve been running through my old posts, smoothing some rough edges and eliminating a few…just a few…ellipses… …and I was surprised by a few things I came across. I’ve heard it said in regards to many creative fields that one should at least make sure that they are enjoying their product. This […]

No Friends of Mine

by June 7th, 2009 Site Info »

Dear Reader, I suffer no greater alarm than when, after posting an article on politics that may particularly criticize the Democratic Party, I find that the advertisements on the site take a turn to Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, or most frighteningly, Ann Coulter. I trust you’re savvy enough to understand this is an automatic […]

A Progressive Oaf

by November 15th, 2008 Site Info »

I, Jason Thomas Kocher, do hereby pledge to begin displaying here on this fine site posts and media that concern topics in addition to Politics, Doctor Who, and Myself. I also pledge…that its gonna take a little while longer as we have a new President, we have recently entered the countdown to a new Doctor, […]

Prometheus Steals Comments from the Gods

by June 30th, 2008 Site Info »

For the purposes of this post – and my ego – I am Prometheus. And I have put myself at great peril, to steal for you – FROM ZEUS HIMSELF! – the gift of COMMENTS! Never before encountered anywhere throughout the wide expanse of the world of web, these “comments” will allow all mortals visiting […]

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