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Ratchet’s Dream Diary – November 29, 2007

I am standing at the window of my office in Midtown Manhattan, looking at a white marble building across the street. The white building has 6 holes in the side, about 40 stories up. Each hole is about 5 feet in diameter, has a short rim and is arranged in a 2×3 grid. I notice that there are creatures poking out of these holes. They look like the heads of birds, but they are reaching their necks and beaks up like newborns. Their feathers are a slick black against the clean surface of the building.

These enormous birds are being born out of the holes in the white building. The first of these birds shoots out of its hole, and as it does, it shows itself to be more of a bear shaped beast that looks as though it’s covered in dark, multi-colored braided yarn. It flies by galloping through the air on all fours. It has some yarn/fur streaming behind it from its shoulders, and it seems like it could be attached to wings, but it’s hard to tell. Before the first creature gets 10 feet away from its hole, a second shoots away from the building and tackles it in midair. At first it seems like the second bird/bear has caught the first in its paw/talons, but then they tumble, and I see that they’ve switched; now the first creature is carrying the second through the air.

The other four newborn things have exited their holes in similar fashion, and are fighting in midair along with the first two. After this goes on for a minute, I realize that they’re playing. Their faces look like Chinese New Year dragons, but covered in different earthy tones of matted string. One is bluish, another is reddish, another is more of a purple. The six creatures now fly toward me, galloping around in sort of a spiral around my building. I go out onto the balcony, and follow the staircase around the outside of the building until the staircase runs out and the creatures are still zipping around the tower, and I step off the stairs to fly with them.

I am circling the building, flying up and up and up, and as I reach the top of the tower, I realize that I can’t fly, and I certainly shouldn’t go past the top of the building, which is my last possible link to the ground before the certain doom of the open air above.I watch the beasts fly past me as I grab the last available ledge. It is made of a reddish concrete and brick, and it frames the windows of an office. I am gripping the ledge between my thighs and arms, holding on with all my strength.

I look up into those windows, and I see about eight office workers in professional attire, staring at me with open eyes. When they notice that I’ve spotted them, they begin clapping, offering an ovation. They had been watching my assent and were mightily impressed. I risk sticking my left leg up to kick a tap on the window. At first, the office workers are uncomprehending, but one particularly bright young hire understands my gesture, and opens the window nearest my leg. The other office workers realize what is happening, and then they all help drag me into their office, to safety.

End dream.

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