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I stayed up far too late last night and as it faded into day the owls that live deep inside my head hooted that it would be best for me to go to the Hellgate Post Office…NOW!

Yes…the Hellgate Post Office.

You DO NOT question the owls.

Standing in line for the second time because the first time was so fun I heard so many people grumble, “I ain’t gonna take NO shit from NOBODY!
Although this is my very own mumbling creed, I was generally so disheartened listening to these mirrors that I turned that frown upside down by adopting my new outlook on life muttered just as angrily: “I’m gonna take SOME shit from SOMEBODY!

Afterwards, the winter breeze having massaged me into Dunkin’ Donuts, the cashier asked me what I would like. I smiled a smile only an anime character can…paused…then yelled, “SHUT UP! YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED! GIVE IT TO ME! YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED!”

i think I am asleep now…giggling.

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