EVE – My Brief Love Affair with Lucy Lawless the Brutix

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image copyright Eve Online and CCP

I’m not normally one for MMORPGs, but this here EVE Online game is a beautiful lawless old west sci-fi sandbox where you can choose the hermetic life of sitting on your porch, whittling away at an asteroid or become quite too quickly up close and personal with the barrel of some pirate’s blaster.

Time will be spent writing up a more careful log of all the reasons this game is great and good, but one of the most immediate draws is the beauty and power of its spaceships.

A lot of time, energy, surprise, and anguish go into securing your next big thing…and when you get there, not only is it the right tool for the job…it is a breathtaking device at that.

I recently jumped up a tier from my Vexor for some mission running and plunked down the money for a Brutix (pictured above). It was a shit-ton of fun blowing away the gnats that had previously gnawed at my hull…but I also found myself just staring at the thing floating in space, gleaming with glorious graphics and powerful industrial design.

In short…I fell in love.

I love coming up with crazy ass names for my ships…for kicks and giggles, but also as a strategy that some pirate may be too busy contemplating my name to lock on and gank me.

And while the ship really looks like some H.R. Giger designed Statue of Liberty pigeon, I think it also captures the power and beauty of one Lucy Lawless…and so I named it thus: “The Lucy Lawless”.

Infatuated with the name and the shape and curves of her…it was a hard hit on my heart when I decided to quickly trade it in for a Myrmidon, pictured below.

image copyright Eve Online and CCP

The Myrmidon is just a more versatile beast even though its not exactly my kind of girl.

Some day….some day…I will flirt with another Brutix or something similarly stunning and dub it such again.

In the meantime and on the bright side, due to its shape and other things, I have christened my Myrmidon “Happy the Harmonica”, which makes me a clever hipster for at least one reference to the very excellent musical group Negativland

And not only that, but now I can call myself The Man with the Harmonica

“Do you only know how to play…or do you know how to SHOOT!?”


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