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For kicks and giggles, I’ve recently started watching the SAW film series.

Um…it’s OK.

This much I know:

  1. Cary Elwes is wasted as he should have at least once responded to the villain’s insane requests with a flippant “As you wish…”
  2. Danny Glover is the worst cop…ever…even worse than other cops he’s portrayed…just terrible.
  3. The psychological morality plays are interesting things to consider…just prior to their growing old and meaningless

For those somehow not in the know, a serial killer, dubbed Jigsaw, kidnaps folks the life of whom are marred by some morally questionable act or, more generally, an insufficient lust for life.

So…basically…EVERYONE…is meat to be fed into this stylish death grinder that is a series of improbable tests straining life, limb, and psyche.

One of the interesting tenants of these games had been a claim that Jigsaw does not actually kill those that he kidnaps. It is simply their lack of will to survive or otherwise immoral behavior that triggers their deaths from a set of consequences that he just so happens to have designed.

In some of the earlier traps, this idea is generally well kept and it would have been fairly entertaining to see it continue. However, the concept very quickly loses its validity as we enter more and more absurd situations.

For instance:

“There is an atom bomb in this room that is about to go off and will probably kill you. All you have to do is disarm it with the key that has been placed deep within your heart. Simply destroy your heart to get the key and disable the bomb.”

“Oh…is that all…?”

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