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Or perhaps:

“You will remain here, wasting away towards certain death. I will free you if you only eat the left eye of your still living daughter.”


“Oh…I’m sorry that was her right eye. Better luck…well…ooops…”

I’d wager a plea of not-guilty would not be successful on the basis of:

“All I did was kidnap him…and stuck hooks up his ass…which made it impossible to move without tearing out his entrails. This would not…necessarily…kill him…and no one was forcing him to move.”

Of course…I just watched SAW III which explains much of this, but I still stand by my comedy.

And furthermore, I can’t help but remark what a great deal of Wile E. Coyote machinations all these traps are. The ACME Corporation must be kept quite busy supplying Jigsaw with such patented gems of death as the Freshly Liquefied Pig Drowning Chamber. Now, that’s just a lot of work…

With a few twists, here and there, our cartoon hero Jigsaw is revealed as a semi-tragic, perhaps only slightly deranged character who was so terribly wronged by life that he crookedly responded with a vicious, vicious will to live and a calm twitch to teach others the same lesson.

This does indeed separate the series to some degree from other simple gore and torture-fests, providing blunt soul-searching predicaments if the audience is willing.

However, for all his pious and certain morality, I would love to see a rather dry comedy directly spawned from the series wherein a competing serial killer attempts to instill morality on his victims operating on a wholly different set of principles that are nonetheless well thought out and adhered to. The movie would be a two hour philosophical stalemate with no gore and the greatest actions being the pursing of lips into a long searching, “Hmmmmmmm…”.

While I feel better for no longer avoiding the series, it can certainly be said that I did not yet dash to the theaters to see SAW V, which surely features a culminating scene wherein the ghost of Jigsaw is itself put to the test in a puzzle that involves his jumping of a phantasmagorical shark, the success or failure of which would tell tale whether we indeed see Saw VII: The Seventh Seal.

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