TRON Legacy – 3D IMAX in Your Pants!

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The original TRON, released in 1982, was a spectacle of special effects and a childhood favorite. Yes…at the age of one, I was keenly aware of its groundbreaking technical innovations and a great fan of its exploration of video game artificial intelligence and the ethereal subtext of the fragility of all our own realities.

Of course, in reality, I only saw it years later as it was added to a very short list of repeat rentals from the library. I developed a such a strong love for its world that I desired to be within it, not only simulating battle in my back yard with a Frisbee, but also perhaps unwisely attempting to replicate one of my favorite scenes wherein the protagonist visibly replenishes himself by drinking energy out of his Identity Disc. Drinking rain water out of a dirty Frisbee is somewhat of a letdown.

As the years went on, the rentals faded out and my TRON memories grew fuzzier and fuzzier with only a few video game adaptations over the years to flirt with my mind.

Then came the surprise technical demo shown at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con. Above is a clean version of the video, which is preferable to the older fan-shot recording except for the absence of the erupting geekgasm building in the background as the audience members first realize what they are seeing.

The video was such a success that within a year production was begun on a new feature length movie, TRON: Legacy, continuing the story from almost 3 decades ago while starting the story anew for unfamiliar audiences, following 27-year old Sam Flynn as he joins his missing father and original film’s star, Kevin Flynn, in the world of TRON.

Recently, the below trailer was released in theaters and online, showcasing the first real footage from the film.

Were this simply a regular release, I would still cream myself in geek ecstasy. However, TRON: Legacy, the movie most obviously best suited to be released in 3D IMAX…will be released in 3D IMAX.

Fucking incredible…

These pleasures are almost too much…but my fantasies demand more.

I have grown up…

The world of TRON certainly seems to have evolved…

And I so desperately crave TRON sex.

So, come on Disney…you can do this…grow up…and fuck me in 3D IMAX.

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