Salvador Dali’s Epic 4G

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So I happened into the Shops at Columbus Circle the other day and just so happened upon a very welcome exhibition, Salvador Dali “The Vision of a Genius”, a scattering of surrealist sculptures and sketches that while not as dynamic as his paintings, still sufficiently stimulates the senses while shopping.

Dali’s art, of course, orgasms on so many levels, but I’ve never been particularly drawn to his iconic melting time-pieces. On this day, however, while staring at Profile of Time all the common clatter of considerations in my mind came to a halt and I was able to take deep, easy breaths sighing, “Yeah…maybe not…maybe not, man…”

My stumbling then led me to The Samsung Experience, where there were many other beautiful creations including the Epic 4G smartphone, a slick, fast, reasonably-sized android qwerty slider with memory expandable to 32GB.

Pricey, though… And only available on Sprint? SPRINT?!

Damn it… Dali save me…

I then scanned through Dali’s sketches to see if there were any hidden messages whether or not I should make the purchase…

Alas, the paranoiac critical failed me…

Perhaps Samsung’s Giveaway Raffle will yield better results…

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