Gogol Bordello vs. Primus vs. Meat on the Williamsburg Waterfront

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Gogol Bordello rocked out the Hayek-inspired “Not A Crime”, commenting, surely, on free-markets and free-minds, then spent the rest of the show trying to sell people the shit they don’t want to buy…the new album. There’s too many fucking singers, like some sad after-school multi-cultural feel good pallette…that, yes, feels good, but sounds like shit. And I know the band must get tired of the same format show after show for all these years…BUT unless you have something better…you start the show more or less with “Never Young”, play “When the Trickster Starts A- Poking (Bordello Kind of Guy)'” at some point and end with the marathon “Baro Foro”. If you got something better, by all means. But nothing’s better than that…so don’t. Would have loved to hear the return of the original horn player at the after-show…but that shit didn’t happen for me.

Then Les Claypool came on stage with some other guys and unleashed his Monster Buzz Saw Machine Gun Bass Cock, spraying it all over the eager audience. He gets my vote to be cast as The Riddler in the next Batman movie. Primus Sucks…as the complement it’s come to be. Very cool…even though I don’t vibe on their medicine of choice…

And then some serious meat-headed mother-fuckers started gorilla pounding in a circle to songs to beat your victims by. Of course, Les Claypool is the master of all moshing…one hit and he shatters into a million pieces.

They form a mosh pit, anytime, anywhere, but to realize only the next day that they were at a Paul Simon concert.


I always prefer music at home…perhaps Primus can play there next time…but the outdoors waterfront Manhattan skyline about made up for my contact headache.

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