Super Bowl XLV Is Not Going To Be A Dogfight

by December 28th, 2010 - Culture » Sports »

Michael Vick did some terrible things, but he did serve his time…and I am a teetering/tottering Philadelphia Eagles fan…and his athletic uniqueness is a joy to watch.

And everything looks bright for Vick…but I’ve seen the future and it’s not pretty.

Yes, he will win MVP. And yes he will continue his MVP performance securing a two touchdown win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 45.

But after the game, while being interviewed on the sidelines a rabid dog will appear out of nowhere grabbing a newborn baby carelessly left unattended, Michael Vick the only one capable of running down and slaying the beast before the baby is fully ingested…

REPORTER: “Michael Vick, you just won the Super Bowl…what are you going to do now?!”

VICK (dumbfounded): “I am definitely NOT going to kill that dog…”

Sometimes, you just can’t win…

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