I Am Sooooo Kicking Ass In Rune Factory!

by October 17th, 2008 - Culture » Video Games »

I am kicking so much ass in Rune Factory. I’m already at, like, level 78 and I’m only in the Spring of my second year. I have the pass to Dannan Cave, so I can get Devil Blood and mine Platinum. I already have a Rune Shield, and I have such high forging skill that there is almost no sword, shield or tool upgrade that I can’t make.

My livestock all love me +10 and produce the best quality eggs, milk and wool. I have all the product makers, so I can make yarn, yogurt, cheese and mayonnaise. My Shiny Hoe can till 18 squares at a time…maybe more–so many I almost can’t keep track… My Rainbow Waterpot will water 25 squares at a time when I charge it up all the way, and I can chop up tree stumps in two fully-charged swings of my friggin’ sweet Mountain Axe.

All I need is some Fairy Powder and a Hammer Piece to get the rest of my tools upgraded to their highest level. Mostly this means that I have to kill a lot of Fairies, which may sound sad, but they throw bad wind magic at me, so believe me when I tell you that they deserve what they get.

None of the villagers feel less than +6 friendship with me, and there are at least 4 ladies who feel more than +8 love for me. In fact, Sharron feels +10 love for me, which means that she’d marry me if I asked…but I think I might have to beat all the caves to get her to say yes. Or maybe not…I think you might just have to beat Kasimir Ruins for her to say yes, and I’ve already done that because I am so thoroughly dominant in Rune Factory. I’d have to give her Grimoire’s Sword, too, which I have, but have been holding on to. Crafty.

It doesn’t matter because I think I want to marry Mist. She’s the one who gave me a farm in the first place. You can make her love you by giving her radishes, so she’s a nice, low-maintenance gal…but she won’t marry you until you’ve beaten the storyline and tilled all the squares of land on your farm. And maybe all the squares in the caves. I forget. Anyway, Mist: easy to get, hard to keep.

Pretty soon I’m going to have level 5 radishes. Do you have level 5 radishes? Thought so.

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