FOR REAL !? The Lingering Local Prohibitions of Alcohol

by May 22nd, 2011 - Politics » Society »

I very rarely consume alcohol. This is perhaps why I am so ignorant of the absolutely absurd nanny-state restrictions that bind us apparently solely due to the abstracted sado-masochistic relationship of the state to its citizenry.

This Sunday night, however, I very much desired a simple bottle of red wine, but found that both local liquor stores were closed and that their timely closure is mandated by the state.

This is a great example of why such laws are nothing more than merit-less interference. Presumably, the law exists to cure the social ills associated with demon alcohol – theoretically interrupting the dedicated alcoholic for a few brief moments; stemming apparently otherwise unavoidable alcohol fueled violence; and steering the otherwise dutiful American from straying into delinquency and interrupting his/her status as a Monday cog in the social machine .

Instead, this night, the law also stopped me from enjoying a simple glass of wine before retiring for the night, driving me instead to become so enraged with caffeinated sobriety that I began pounding out this screed.

And to begin with, I was reminded of a fun little polka song I have in my library, No Beer Today, which I hoped to share with you via YouTube. I was so excited when I thought I found a live version of the song by…the motherfucking kick-ass punk band, The Vandals?

But alas, it was a traditional polka band called The Vadnals, good in their own right, but still…

The Vandals can be found expressing some similar ideas in the below video. If interested, I also suggest checking out the very different Ladykiller, which is a monster, monster song in my collection…

It sure is fun to rail against the federal government for ridiculous legislation. And it is often useful to dismiss their authority to do something stupidly meddling by citing the prevailing authority of state and local government to handle said issue. Perhaps it is only because there has been no Preparation H strong enough to shrink the nanny state hemorrhoid of the federal government, that those few that give a damn forget to put the screws to state and local governments to stop their own life-numbing safety-nazi laws.

Imagine a world where the ills of alcohol are not much, if at all, worse; those who suffer them bear the responsibility; and all are welcome to attempt all the pleasures of life with only the smallest restriction that their aims not aggress those of another.

Instead, here I am stuck in a seemingly endless polka loop, forced to face its artistry in perfect sobriety. Was that the goal all along, central planners, lords and masters?


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