Get Bailed Out

by November 13th, 2008 - Politics »

Ho ho…ain’t it just such a grand thing that our economy still sucks and that our government’s faltering and questionable attempts to prop it up yet play heavily in the daily news.

The joy is that, certain things and thoughts that I enjoyed during the passage of the Bailout are still relevant…and therefore arguably worthy of posting at a time past what my lazy, incapacitated mind and body originally allowed.

Such is which puts forth the notion that if Washington is willing and able to purchase the worthless assets of major corporations, they should just as well be willing to buy all the terribly dumb, meaningless crap that we, its citizens, have consumed.

An absurdly true bit of comedy and a nifty little socializing site that allows users to post some piece of trash they purportedly own, an accompanying picture, and a price tag that does not reflect its actual worth, but rather the value that lies only in the eyes of its current beholder.

It’s all a bit of good fun that acts as kindle for some very interesting conversations.

Objects for bail range from the literal variety such as Nothing to the more abstract, which vary in depth, such as The Consitution, and to the absolute absurd in the case of a Large Hadron Peanut Butter and Chocolate Collider.

Revenge politics at its finest. If the corporations are getting bailed out, why shouldn’t you!? The problem isn’t the bailout, obviously, its WHO is being bailed.

Round and round we go…

Oh man…its a pretty good thing that the government has an unlimited amount of unattached monopoly money that can be used to benefit some subset of society without penalizing another.


,,,otherwise, I think I’d have a problem with all of this.

I am not and I am.

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