Kristin Davis for Governor for Fuck’s Sake

by November 2nd, 2010 - Politics »

Most elections, I’ll just find libertarian candidates who appear principally legit and put a check next to their names and leave the rest of the ballot blank. I’ll be doing the same this Tuesday except for Governor of New York.

From what I’ve seen, Warren Redlich is a fine Libertarian candidate, but Kristin Davis, the Anti-Prohibition candidate, is just too attractive – in regards to her political activism – not to vote for.

Her main issues:

  • Legalize Prostitution
  • Legalize Casino Gambling
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Gay Marriage Equality

Now, I have never partaken of marijuana, don’t much care for gambling, don’t think I’d actually go to a prostitute even if it were legal, am not particularly homosexual and despise the idea of marriage in general…

HOWEVER… These are all the most obvious and easily correctable affronts to personal liberty, whose job it is for the government to protect, not restrict.

While California has a direct referendum to vote on the legalization of marijuana, Prop 19, the only choice left in New York is to vote for a candidate who isn’t afraid to bypass the moderate issues of vague utopian promises that dominate most campaigns. There is a bit of a stunt appeal to her candidacy, but the stunt is a good one and can have great effect. In fact, watching Kristin Davis debate the other candidates, she certainly held her ground and put forth clear and reasoned arguments for her positions while invalidating those of her opponents. However, it is likely that she won’t win.

Of course, Paladino is a complete ass, Cuomo only looks good when he stands next to Paladino and it’s also very likely that Warren Redlich won’t win. So, while its nice to add credibility to the Libertarian Party, a vote for Kristin Davis is a more satisfying rational scream to the other voters and those candidates that do get elected to say that this IS important.

Perhaps, before we go about having government prescribe the right god to everyone, make certain that every kid grow up to be whatever they want to be (even if its president), and mandating that everyone be the perfect neighbor to one another…perhaps we can make sure we’re simply free to do all the things deemed horrible that do not aggress on anyone else’s freedom.

Maybe not, but at least I can get a little shock out of my vote.

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