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After Barack Obama’s election, one of the jokes that I most frequently made was…

“After the next 8 years of unqualified success, I will still somehow run for and be elected president to succeed his two already wonderful terms.”

This is to make light of the fact that even before the election was final, the general American Idol opinion was that Obama would cure most all cancers, construct a cabinet completely staffed by the Care Bears and their cousins, and then transcend us mere humans and become pure energy traveling through and beyond the universe, his consciousness beyond understanding, indistinguishable from the very nature of the universe itself, destroying and creating stars and galaxies at the mere batting of whatever would constitute eyelids in this evolved state.

Now…of course, it can not be disputed that he has been successful first and foremost in NOT being recently atrocious George W. Bush – a feat so many other presidents have failed to achieve – and he has indeed added to that success by being a handsome smooth-talker that popularly plays for the oh-so-tragically hip blue team surrounded by such a sacred historical significance that is clearly the most important trait and deciding factor in all elections.

Ho ho…

Funny bits aside, as a wobbly sized “L” libertarian chances are that a good bit of what he chooses to do is not going to make me giddy; as similar to most all other presidents, he is doing quite a bit more than he is not. However, I am quite interested in all good readers of these internets helping me understand what he has or may be on his way to accomplishing that sets such similar souls afire for the president.

I have long-since discontinued cable and largely only catch up on the news very superficially by once a day scanning The Drudge Report (not actually looked towards as a credible source) to quickly discover the craziest shit of the day through its headlines and move on to happier…happier images. Avoiding a daily detailed barrage of all the world’s governments’ desperate attempts to stick their fingers in the dikes of their people’s minds…has left me a happier man content with his own actions…as they are. However, there are equal parts poodle and masochist in this mutt, and I become curious…

…and am always curious by people and how and why they think…even if I wholeheartedly disagree with their measure of success. Perhaps surprisingly to some, of the things I do know, there are a few that I do like…though they are much more minor than those I disapprove of.

But tell me, dear reader, what policy or practice of actual or approaching occurrence has you lathering yourself up and rubbing it down saying, “Oh yeah…that’s it…” ?

Comment on this fine blog. Send me an email. Write it on the back of a postcard and then go back in time 50 years and mail it to me, years past which I will receive it from some kind stranger with sentimental incidental music playing in the background at which time it will also be revealed that you and I are related in an impossible way. Holy shit! This last option would be awesome…do that…

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