Something to Be Desired

by March 24th, 2011 - Politics »

I was at a rather politically charged event recently, whereat the moderater was trying to keep a tight leash on the Q&A session. One particular member of the audience stood up, took the mic and gave no indication of asking a question, instead going on a very practiced, apparently emotional plea, paraphrased, “I want everyone to live the way I like to live which is the way everyone likes to live, but some people don’t like to live that way and the government said they would make them live that way, but they haven’t done enough to make people live the way I want to live!” This went on and on until the moderator told the person running the microphone to take it away from the enraged audience member who responded by saying, “You’ll have to fight me to get this microphone back…” while simultaneously returning the microphone with the gentlest of motions. Presumably, this person then went directly home to Tweet, blog, and update their Facebook status with this impossible feat of courage put on display all in the name of that one great cause that is as yet undefined.


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