The Libertarian Conspiracy Cruise

by December 30th, 2010 - Politics » Culture » Travel »

reason, the print and digital warriors of free minds and free markets (collectively known as freedom), have put together a seven day cruise through the Caribbean for relatively like-minded vacationers.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit out of my current price-range, particularly given that I’ve already spent a sum on a similarly, though quite singularly, themed trip to the extremes of Las Vegas.

Were I a more social person, it would be nice to hob-nob with some real monsters of thought: Matt Welch, Matt Ridley, and The Jacket, Nick Gillespie. And it would very much be a pleasure to wade through a sea of scantily clad fiscal logicians and politically sound, yet argumentative sultry sunbathers.

However, I’m far too paranoid to fall for the trap.

Does no one else see it?

Clearly, this is all actually a plan by the statist status quo to eliminate any political argument for the individual, gathering a great majority of the libertarian leisure class aboard the cruise ship only for it to perish at sea, resulting in a political debate much more to their liking.


Seriously though, I can at least look forward to some titillating video of the cruise on their very excellent Hit & Run blog. I’ve already considered certain scenarios around the theme song from Gilligan’s Island, but the material is just so rich as to create too convoluted a delight to sort properly into anything coherent…

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