Voting Tips for the Salivating Conscience of Righteousness

by October 22nd, 2010 - Politics » Society »

If any politician is trying to sell him or herself to you by stating all the wonderful things that they are going to do for you or others…


…keep fucking shopping for a candidate.

Or place a big red X next to “NONE, THANKS”.

The asshole who is going to promise to beat your enemies in the head with the club of government until candy comes out to subsidize your finance, healthcare, religion, or other belief system at the expense of another is the same asshole who will quickly throw your “preciousssss” overboard at the first sign of the higher calling of money or an even more delusional perversion of what you subscribe to as humanity’s greatest calling.

Unless your a hardcore fanatic of one of the two big parties where all that matter is beating the other team, it’s pretty obvious our government is run by assholes. And we elect the same shithead type of candidate every time, Republican or Democrat who promises candy, unicorns, and other righteous treats.

The politicians suck…

…because the voters suck.


Of course, I vote for anyone if I can reasonably enough confirm their campaign promise to “Not do shit for anyone except to have everyone treated equally before the law and to protect each individual’s rights up until the same rights of another. Beyond that…its a big scary world and all types of shit can happen. Have fun!”

If there isn’t anyone to vote for… FUCK IT. Don’t vote for anyone on that ballot. It is true that this would only get slight coverage in the press. That’s why I’m very intrigued by an idea I found echoed by the Committee Against Mediocirty in Politics (CAMP), which is just funny on one level, but has the possibility for real effects as well. There should be a real option on each ballot of NONE OF THE ABOVE and should that choice get a majority, you have to rerun the election for that position.

But can you dare sit out the World Series, the Super Bowl…without choosing black or white, red or blue? YOU GOTTA CHOOSE SOMETHING!

Pick a color and put your money down. YEAH!

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2 Responses to “Voting Tips for the Salivating Conscience of Righteousness”

  1. Lex Frakland Says:

    I agree with nearly most of what you say here! I hope you’re reading this, America. I don’t live in California so I probably won’t bother to vote this time around. But if you DO live in California you’d better vote twice!

  2. Jason H. Khrist Says:

    I guess you’re talking Prop 19 to legalize marijuana. That would be such an important win. I’ve never done illegal drugs, so I’m not partial – though you could also argue not properly informed – but its such a super waste of money, waste of possible tax revenue, a waste of people’s lives in jail, creates a more violent trade, and retards important industry (hemp). All that because of an unfounded fear that everyone’s kid would devolve into a degenerate that they are not already illegally becoming anyway.

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