Falling Through the Cracks While Fluffing Pillows

by August 20th, 2011 - Philosophy » Site Info »

This last week, I’ve been running through my old posts, smoothing some rough edges and eliminating a few…just a few…ellipses…

…and I was surprised by a few things I came across.

I’ve heard it said in regards to many creative fields that one should at least make sure that they are enjoying their product. This is fine advice. How can you expect anyone else to enjoy your work if you yourself do not? And chances are that most of the time that there may not be any other reward than your own pleasure.

That has very steadily been the case for me, writing over-indulgent, sporadic posts on this here site.

However, I’ve developed another piece of wisdom for artists. It can also be a benefit to forget what you’ve done, so that you genuinely, fully enjoy it again when you stumble upon it some time later.

I had a few of these experiences while shuffling through the archives, truly rediscovering posts and reading them without any clear idea where I was headed. Below were my favorite WTF moments:

The Brown Standard

Jesus Christ Salad Bar

Secrets of Cricket Revealed

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