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by June 7th, 2009 - Site Info »

Dear Reader,

I suffer no greater alarm than when, after posting an article on politics that may particularly criticize the Democratic Party, I find that the advertisements on the site take a turn to Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, or most frighteningly, Ann Coulter. I trust you’re savvy enough to understand this is an automatic feature of AdSense that I can not easily or fully avoid unless I devoted schizophrenia inducing amounts of time to.

Unless you read within a post that, for example, “My! I do believe Ann Coulter’s skin is not unlike fine silk that I would derive great enjoyment from philosophically rubbing myself against until our political passions erupt as one,” you can rest assured that I do not align myself with such ass-hat insane political puppets.

This same thing happened early on when my first post rather surrealistically referenced babies and I found the site absolutely maggoty with inappropriate baby cuddling adverts.

So lets experiment…

Video Games, Fashion, Technology, Space, Science, Doctor Who, Computers, Entertainment, Adult Swim, Mighty Boosh, Comedy.

We should be populated by better things now, yes?

Well no…since I have also equally mentioned the offensive bits in this post as well. Skepticism folks…skepticism…

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