Correct Me If I’m Wrong: Gary Johnson for President 2012

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In my early years, I tried to reason what should and shouldn’t be…and couldn’t come up with much. So I’ve always thought the role of government should be to protect the rights of all individuals against aggression by other individuals or groups including the state itself, so that each person can experiment with what they may or may not find rewarding. If not, the government itself is no better than a “democratically” elected group of barbarians, carrying the biggest stick to enforce/obtain whatever it fancies.

But that libertarian principle of non-agression has always been depressingly marginal at best in politics.

Then in 2007, Ron Paul jumped up through the Republican primaries and made so much damn sense it didn’t make sense. Although mainstream media and politicians of both parties tried to laugh him off, support for Paul and his ideas continued to grow forming the political organization Campaign for Liberty to continue spreading the word.

Fiscal whiz Peter Schiff, who had been laughed off financial talking heads shows for predicting the collapse of the housing bubble and coming recession was suddenly a hot commodity once that bubble horribly burst…as predicted.

Following the initial rumbling in 2008, Rand Paul got elected to the Senate riding a wave of the strange, motley, good-and-bad, semi-co-opted, caricatured, angry populism that is and isn’t The Tea Party. And Rand seems to be informing the movement more than the other way around, which is a very good thing.

And here we are approaching the 2012 election.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Peter Schiff will be running for any office. It’s a terrible shame he lost the 2010 primary in Connecticut.

However, it does look as though Ron Paul will run. The Pauls are fairly special. I would argue small points about the federal tax system and much more important points regarding abortion and immigration, but these larger points don’t seem to be a priority for either candidate and in every other category they are overwhelmingly superior to every other politician that it still seems a miracle that they are even on the margins of the mainstream race.

And I would vote for either one in 2012…

…if it wasn’t for former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson who has declared his campaign for the Republican nomination for President.

From my standpoint, I can’t find anything to dislike. Maybe he doesn’t go as far as he should in certain areas? Maybe he’s hiding some policy skeletons that will come out over time?

Correct Me If I’m Wrong


Do me a favor. Let me know…what’s not to like?

Even on the traditional impasse of small government vs. progressive programs…we might surprise ourselves.

Here are the main points:

  • Non-Interventionist
  • Pro-Choice
  • Reform Entitlement Programs to Become Solvent and Help Those Who Need It
  • Non-Xenophobic Sane Immigration Policy
  • Legalization of Marijuana and Further Reform of the War on Drugs
  • Simplify the Tax Code
  • Education Reform Promoting Freedom of Choice, Competition and Innovation
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Government Programs and Make Others More Efficient

Please, do check out more at

Whats the worst thing about Gary Johnson? He does not yet have a wealth of banners with which to decorate the internet.

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