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COFFEE AT THIS TIME OF NIGHT?! – Feeding Your Inner Mogwai Coffee After Midnight

by July 8th, 2011 - Culture » Food » Society » Culture » Travel »

For various reasons that, for now, must remain secret, I have had cause to leave my apartment at night and stumble around town until I lose whatever thought I had just previously found and find myself, instead, terribly lost and in need of a sit-down at some time likely after midnight. This wouldn’t be a […]

FOR REAL !? The Lingering Local Prohibitions of Alcohol

by May 22nd, 2011 - Politics » Society »

I very rarely consume alcohol. This is perhaps why I am so ignorant of the absolutely absurd nanny-state restrictions that bind us apparently solely due to the abstracted sado-masochistic relationship of the state to its citizenry. This Sunday night, however, I very much desired a simple bottle of red wine, but found that both local […]

Drinking Games

by November 4th, 2008 - Creative » Poetry »

Four governments walk into a bar. Nature says she has been, “…and always will be”. Man over men says, “…but further through me.” Religion claims, “…and I above all of these.” Man, alone… …says nothing, orders a drink, drinks it, and leaves. None or all agree. The punch line… …escapes me.

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