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Matt Smith…Doctor Who?

by January 4th, 2009 - Culture » Film and TV »

Can you smell the anti-climax sighing through the atmosphere!? The 11th Doctor is…Matt Smith? I can’t tell you much about the young man that hasn’t been routinely summarized everywhere elsewhere….except for the apparent fact, which I will seek to further research and therefore confirm, that he is indeed neither Bill Nighy or James Nesbitt both […]

Last Second Thoughts on Who

by January 3rd, 2009 - Culture » Film and TV »

This…and another unfortunate thing to go unmentioned…I suffer because I went into work yesterday. Yes, it seems it was announced yesterday that it will be announced today what actor or actress is taking over the helm of Doctor Who as the 11th Doctor. All of this and a bit more on a holiday afterbirth special […]

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