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Time Suck Evolution

by August 22nd, 2011 - Culture » Video Games »

I am obsessive. I am a perfectionist. But most of the energy has been sucked into the almost endless time spiral of video game simulations. I remember years and years lost to the Madden franchise, long nights adjusting my franchise with surgeon’s tools, plowing through games just to see the team’s progression, and finally using […]

The Awe of Eve: Toddler’s First Nebula

by July 16th, 2009 - Culture » Video Games »

image copyright CCP and EVE Online Click above for proper sized love. While not intending to turn The Sporadical into an EVE Online blog – it is of course still primarily a Doctor Who blog after all – the MMORPG has fascinated so much to no end that I am compelled to post things of […]

EVE – My Brief Love Affair with Lucy Lawless the Brutix

by March 31st, 2009 - Culture »

image copyright Eve Online and CCP I’m not normally one for MMORPGs, but this here EVE Online game is a beautiful lawless old west sci-fi sandbox where you can choose the hermetic life of sitting on your porch, whittling away at an asteroid or become quite too quickly up close and personal with the barrel […]

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