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Monstre Hulot

by August 1st, 2011 - Culture » Film and TV » Creative » Reference »

Monstre Hulot A rare 1978 french film in which auteur Jacques Tati once more takes on the role of Monsieur Hulot, this time doing battle with Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein by quietly, but comically walking around them in large modern spaces.

Shut Up and Tell Me A Story: The Illusionist by Sylvain Chomet and Jacques Tati

by December 26th, 2010 - Culture » Film and TV »

copyright Sony Classics I found myself suddenly capable of emitting deadly lasers from my eyes on the way home from the Paris Theatre after having viewed The Illusionist. I believe the incident to be purely coincidental… …but I did certainly find Sylvain’s Chomet‘s new aimated film a fine, fine time… While his previous film, The […]

Le Buttfuckerie

by January 17th, 2009 - Creative » Reference »

Le Buttfuckerie n: a café or other such light eatery doubling as a public anal sex provider or performance space, characterized by a very relaxed setting and practitioners wearing those puffy chef hats, whose grooming includes pencil thin zigzag mustaches and triangular soul patches. “Le buttfuckerie n’est pas très agréable en raison de la syphilitique […]

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