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Hook for a Holiday

by January 24th, 2008 - Creative » Writing »

Ratchet’s Dream Diary — February 27, 2007 Upon arriving at my parents’ home for Christmas, I walk into the sun porch to find my mother decorating for the holidays. She is hanging a green garland around the windows; she looks back over her shoulder to say hello. There is a bench to my left, where […]

BirdBeast in Flight

by January 12th, 2008 - Creative » Writing »

Ratchet’s Dream Diary – November 29, 2007 I am standing at the window of my office in Midtown Manhattan, looking at a white marble building across the street. The white building has 6 holes in the side, about 40 stories up. Each hole is about 5 feet in diameter, has a short rim and is […]

Too Close to Love

by January 1st, 2008 - Creative » Writing »

Ratchet’s Dream Diary – December 31, 2007 I am straddling Glenn Close. She is radiant, wrapped in a white sarong that caresses her body and flows out over the bed to infinity. Her hair, a pile of tousled blond curls, seems to glow in the darkness that surrounds us. I stand, my legs on either […]

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