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The Big Idea

by May 30th, 2011 - Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

I am thinking about making Thinking sexy…and that turns me on.

What Happens When Now!?

by March 13th, 2011 - Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

I gazed into the abyss one day when it had its back turned and then I quickly ran away before it could find me. The abyss lost its job because of that one little slip up…

Trebekkian Grammar Cunt

by August 15th, 2010 - Creative » Reference »

Trebekkian Grammar Cunt n: a type of person brought to mind by what your mind might think Alex Trebek to be – although certainly he is likely…truly an alright guy – who rabidly corrects and assails with smug scorn those who do not make the most accurate tithing to the grammar gods. The term is […]


by January 12th, 2010 - Creative » Reference »

Schweinsteiger n: an archaic title of Germanic origins given to the the member of a small village, town, or community whose job it was to fuck the pigs. Although not as well known as Shoemaker or other such occupational names, Schweinsteiger similarly became an expedient last name for many pig fucking immigrants arriving in their […]

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