Zumanity – The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil

by February 5th, 2011 Culture » Culture » Performance »

images copyright Cirque du Soleil I don’t know pornography when I see it, but I know what I like. And, however beautiful the human body, I know that I do NOT like the idea of paying some crazy cover fee to sit with handcuffed passions staring at the melting plastic smile of a nude dancer […]

Teller and Todd Robbins Play Dead at The Players Theatre, New York City

by November 1st, 2010 Culture » Performance »

“Better than Mary Poppins, but not as creepy.” That’s how Todd Robbins asks audience members to describe the spectacle they had just witnessed at the end of Play Dead, the new stage fright-fest written and directed by the smaller, quieter half of Penn & Teller. Indeed, although there is an ethereal elegance that runs throughout […]

Marc Maron and Friends: Real…Rare…Stand Up

by February 1st, 2009 Culture » Performance »

Tuesday, January 27th, just a shade safely into the labyrinthine West Village of New York City, stand up comedians of considerable stature rather spontaneously combusted on stage, scalding the soft sensibilities of the small squishy minds stuffed into an impossibly smaller space. Oh…perhaps its wasn’t as elaborate as all that…but it was only $10…as Marc […]

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