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The Nintendo 3DS Impedes Urination

by March 27th, 2011 - Culture » Video Games »

Saturday Night. Union Square, New York City Best Buy. Nintendo spontaneously decides to launch their new stereoscopic 3D handheld video game system, 3DS, so that they had an excuse to close down the Best Buy and deny my very urgent need for its public bathroom. DAMN YOU NINTENDO! After mad-dashing through the closing minutes of […]

The Nintendo DS Movement

by January 27th, 2008 - Culture » Video Games »

I was an avid gamer in my youth, buying every crap game for perhaps no better reason than to stimulate the economy…but I never had a Gameboy. My fat ass was perfectly content glued to my home systems, when I wasn’t busy ramming Doritos down my gullet in perfect time to the theme music from […]

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