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FOR REAL !? The Lingering Local Prohibitions of Alcohol

by May 22nd, 2011 - Politics » Society »

I very rarely consume alcohol. This is perhaps why I am so ignorant of the absolutely absurd nanny-state restrictions that bind us apparently solely due to the abstracted sado-masochistic relationship of the state to its citizenry. This Sunday night, however, I very much desired a simple bottle of red wine, but found that both local […]

The Cannonball Run to End Them All

by November 23rd, 2010 - Culture » Film and TV »

Upon the highway of my Netflix queue, hot new releases have come and gone, but the Burt Reynolds classic The Cannonball Run – the crown of a genre to which I am currently drawn – still sits there, mocking me with an expected availability of “A Very Long Wait“. It stands to reason that there […]

Easter Pants 2009

by April 16th, 2009 - Creative » Writing »

Clearly…a butter lamb… The Book of Me on Easter 2009 translated through a warbly rough Vox Continental. I awoke that morning…to find the rock rolled away from the entrance to the cave, and my lord Jesus Christ naked, smeared with mud…leaves twisted into bunny ears on top of his head…a half-crazed, half-pained look in his […]

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