The Hipster Cornbred Fake OG Decadent Innocence Summer Fun Playlist

by July 4th, 2011 - Culture » Sounds »

Looking for a new way to spend a summer day? Well, strap your self in to your mp3 player and take an absent-minded stroll alone, listening to these three classics, imagining them sung by Perry Como, Buster Keaton or the like.

  1. Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream Mix)
    The Life-Altering Herb Alpert/Public Enemy Mash-Up by Evolution Control Committee.
  2. Gin and Juice
    The wonderful folk classic by The Gourds.
  3. Freaks of the Industry
    More explicit than the Humpty Dance, this is Digital Underground‘s matter-of-fact instructional tale of how to get your blushing freak on in any industry.

When the last song ends, you’ll look up to find yourself in a foreign neighborhood ready to strike a new relationship with some poor bastard who has absolutely no chance of understanding the unique context of your strange and dangerous newfound social confidence.