Barack Obama Stands Next to the Clintons

by January 28th, 2008 - Politics »

From what I’ve followed of Barack Obama, he seems like a terribly nice guy. This is his key strength, his charisma, but it does seem a little more than that. I can’t help but have a great respect for someone if they evidence that they truly, truly believe in what they are talking about…that they bring real passion for their “cause”.

This is true even if I don’t agree with anything they believe in. For example, Pat Buchanan. GOD DAMN PAT BUCHANAN! He says the absolute craziest shit, but he hasn’t toed the party line, going against the grain of recent administrations and exiling himself to the Reform Party and god knows where exactly he is in space and time today. The man can actually make a salient point, now and then, but not without following it with a very poorly chosen and completely disconnected comment about the Holocaust. Dammit Pat! I was with you for a second there… But he does indeed believe his crazy shit.

And although less crazy, it does very much seem that Barack believes just as strongly in his ideals, unless this is simply charisma on overdrive…to which we would all be held prisoners…no hope until its too late and that is no hope at all.

This sense of his strong belief should be enough in contrast with Hillary’s completely blatant whore statements that can be characterized as such: “You want cookies? I will give you all of the cookies! Immediately, you shall have cookies! It will rain cookies inside your house and up your own ass! I am the magic cookie queen!”

Obama, on the other hand, so very strongly believes in the plight of your cookielessness. So much so, in fact, that he sees fit to put forth only those ideas by which you will practically be able to fill your cookie hole even if, unfortunately, it is not through raining cookies up your own ass.

If his promises should fall through, it would not appear to be due to party primary wish fulfillment, but rather his naiveté. This is the one big roadblock for Obama, particularly in the realm of foreign policy…cookies he should likely be able to handle. Grudgingly, I admit that it can be argued that Hillary has an experiential edge even in foreign policy. But who cares if it’s all a mess of political shit in the end?

And this is the big idea here. Barack Obama, despite his greenness, prospers largely because he stands in comparison to the steaming pile of feces that is the whole Clinton campaign. It is certainly the broader “Clinton” campaign at this point as well, as Bill has injected himself into the race, proving himself as a bratty little child whose own race is run but still demands center stage, stomping his feet, pulling his hair, his face turning red, and playing every dirty trick as he fucks the entire campaign.

The Clintons are just so horrible that you can’t help but root for Obama, if for no other reason than to see the Clinton’s go down hard. Dare I say, the Clintons are the Dallas Cowboys of this political race.

And evidently, it is not just the average viewer who is affected by this phenomenon. Senator Teddy Kennedy is now hardcore endorsing and campaigning for Obama largely because he is just so sick of the Clintons’ shit. Bravo…I suppose…though he is certainly one to talk of things…

Maybe this isn’t simply a matter of competitive styles gone awry. What if this is actually planned by the Democratic Party? The Clintons temporarily sacrificing themselves, playing the role of the ugly girl, so as to exalt the inexperienced Obama as a bastion of purity in the otherwise horrible political arena.

That is a fun thought, but not much really points to it. And I would wager that there actually does exist some basic competitive nature between the Kennedys and Clintons that would alone be enough to begin leaning the Kennedys towards Obama.

And if they have their way, perhaps we will soon see Obama and Edwards creating an orgy of neo-Kennedy romanticized politics, as President and Vice-President. But the question remains whether or not we’ll view them the same without the ugly girl standing next to them.

I’m Thomas K…and I’m not.

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