Complete Back Amputation, DIY Edition

by February 27th, 2011 - Science »

So after watching a few videos of epidural injections, I’m a little more freaked out than before, but I think I’ve pretty much got the hang of it. So, I’m skipping my scheduled appointment and I’ve decided to load up a caulk gun with steroids, cream cheese, and caulk and awkwardly flail it behind in me a frantic stabbing motion until its contents are more less dispersed in what I’m calling the “general interior spinal area”, just stabbing and squeezing until I run out of filling or pass out from the pain. Then the steroids, cream cheese and caulk will just move around to where they’re needed and fix me up like the nanobots that they certainly are not.

Invisible Fonzi says, “Ehhhhh…

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