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ABBA Of Our Lives

by May 25th, 2009 - Culture » Sounds » Creative » Writing »

The Swedish disco megaband ABBA – and I don’t use the term megaband lightly – was our future. Do not mistake me. I am not purporting that in the future we will resemble ABBA. No, no. ABBA was our future. It already happened. We missed it. We have no future. Fuck. But wait…do not yet […]

The Brown Standard

by August 6th, 2008 - Creative » Writing »

I am learned… In The Sporadical’s continuing crusade to uncover overlooked, underground cultural idiosyncrasies that will aid us in transitioning to The Second Surreal and Unnerving Human Empire, we bring you…cows crapping in a field for money! Cow Chip Bingo! Traditionally, Cow Chip Bingo is begun by a township painting a grid onto a field, […]

Hacksaw John McCain Hits the Dance Floor

by January 20th, 2008 - Politics »

This is not at first about the issues, though I do take issue with some of them. This is not at first about the man. He seems a nice enough person in and out of the political realm, generally. No, John, this is about the circus-shit nature of your campaign and the carnie folk that […]

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