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The Cannonball Run to End Them All

by November 23rd, 2010 - Culture » Film and TV »

Upon the highway of my Netflix queue, hot new releases have come and gone, but the Burt Reynolds classic The Cannonball Run – the crown of a genre to which I am currently drawn – still sits there, mocking me with an expected availability of “A Very Long Wait“. It stands to reason that there […]

The Doctor Who Christmas Boycott

by December 21st, 2009 - Culture » Film and TV »

Ba Humbug!? Perhaps. Yes, I am indeed and certainly going on a Doctor Who hunger strike protesting the replacement of David Tennant with one Matt Smith. Surely…days away from already filmed and edited swan song of The End of Time…there is still time for my mighty one-man protest to have its desired effect. And…no…that’s not […]

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