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World Peace in My Lifetime

by March 17th, 2011 - Politics » Science » Society »

We, all of us, seek nothing from our lives but World Peace, I know. But where all others have failed, we might yet succeed if we follow my very simple plan. Pulling all of Earth’s assets to one single objective, we need only construct a sufficient enough rocketship in which I will be placed and […]

Batman: Knightcap OR Bed, Bat and Beyond

by February 18th, 2011 - Culture » The Written Word »

I am writing a new epic multi-title storyline of Batman wherein…nothing really happens. Holed up in a cheap motel, he sleeps in late, waking up just to eat some cold pizza. In Detective Comics, he gargles some Listerine and slips back into bed. An issue of The Dark Knight sees Bruce Wayne shift positions in […]


by October 22nd, 2009 - Culture » Culture » Film and TV » Politics »

And the recipient of THE SPORADICAL INSTITUTE’s 2009 Fuck It Peace Prize is… PAUL LYNDE What!? Why?! Because… Well… Fuck it…he just is, alright? SCREW! Get your own goddamn peace prize and you can give it to whoever the hell YOU want… Or are we gonna fight about it?! Huh? Punk!

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