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Smell That Video Game Smell

by August 11th, 2011 - Science » Culture » Video Games »

I recently purchased Gran Turismo 5 due to my newly found fandom of Top Gear, an interest to learn how to drive manual, and the fact that Burnout Paradise is good for learning how to violently crash a car but not actually how to drive a car in any proper way. Upon revving up GT5, […]


by April 25th, 2009 - Creative » Poetry »

The smell of rust flavored grass sand not yet glass A dew through hair moved by dubbed wind matching my musk Bare knees absent mind unkempt thoughts not kept Two eyes look back miss each other and keep going We are All Right.

Spearhead from Walnutport

by January 3rd, 2008 - Creative » Writing »

Today, for some reason, I had to wear a shirt. This caused great concern initially, but eventually I picked one of the many that littered the floor. I would have been squarely knocked on my ass if the wall hadn’t been directly behind me. The chosen one smelled exactly like Walnutport. But this shirt lives […]

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