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Hacksaw John McCain Hits the Dance Floor

by January 20th, 2008 - Politics »

This is not at first about the issues, though I do take issue with some of them. This is not at first about the man. He seems a nice enough person in and out of the political realm, generally. No, John, this is about the circus-shit nature of your campaign and the carnie folk that […]

Notes from the debate marathon… bloodlust… nonpartisan camera humping… boredom… Resident Evil

by January 5th, 2008 - Politics »

What a day it could have been. Had the football games had any good teams in them, I might have worn my TV out. Still, the touchy-feely, teeth-baring, love-in format of the back-to-back debates were enough to keep me busy until my attention ran out of steam. Having not watched network news for some time, […]

Learning to Love the Bomb – and Hating It

by January 5th, 2008 - Politics »

You will say…”Boy howdy, this guy sure hates politics. I mean, I know it’s an ugly business, but what a depressing outlook.” And then, three politically driven posts later, “Boy howdy…” – you say that a lot and your friends are tired of it – “…this guy sure writes a lot about politics for someone […]

MUTE Politics

by December 31st, 2007 - Politics »

Watching a campaign-stop speech on C–SPAN…at 4AM…on MUTE…makes everyone, on stage and in the crowd, look like the worst goddamn criminals. They have all either just recently committed the worst crime in some darkened passage of the Town Hall…committed it years and years ago and now carry that baggage everywhere they go in the form […]

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