GALACTUS the Chipmunk™

by October 20th, 2016 Creative »

GALACTUS the Chipmunk™ is a furry bundle of radiation, a prisoner of the universe’s gravitational fields, forced to melt through one side of a planet and out the other over and over until it finally breaks apart in an explosion sending GALACTUS the Chipmunk™, an endless Spirograph™ of destruction, onto the next victim. On one […]

Flash Nap

by September 25th, 2014 Creative » Reference »

Nap, sleep, amnesia, busy, modern, blackout

Bold New Movements in Kitchen Design

by October 4th, 2012 Creative » Moving Pictures »

Yes. I am now keeping the toilet paper in the kitchen. To HELL with the thoughtless hand-me-down logic of our elders. REVOLUTION!

IT is Just Across the Street

by May 14th, 2012 Creative » Writing »

IT is not something I like to think about. And I try not to, putting IT out of mind and out of sight. However, when I do happen to see IT and bring myself to think about IT, I feel IT is something I should share. The building across the street from me, the same […]

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