Witty Bit Eruptions

A Moist Towelette for the Mind

by September 2nd, 2011 Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

I close my eyes around the cold, wet, empty air…swallowing an end, releasing.

Ironclad Pet Project Logic – North American Man Unicorn Love Association

by August 13th, 2011 Politics » Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

It is an essential human right to have one’s own unicorn just as it is clearly an essential unicorn right to have one’s own human.

Scene from a Birthday Party

by July 26th, 2011 Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

BIRTHDAY BOY Hey Dude, you should totally come to my birthday party. I’m getting a cake decorated with characters and events from Eyes Wide Shut. FRIEND Oh my god…that sounds heinous… BIRTHDAY BOY No way! It’s gonna be awesome. I was gonna get it last year, but Baskin Robbins was out of the kit. I […]

Long Terminal

by June 21st, 2011 Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

True love is a staring contest to the death on the back of a giant sea turtle playing an uneventful game of musical chairs with forever two chairs to Townes Van Zandt’s Waiting Around to Die until someone does. Luckily, True Love is only a fairy tale…

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