The Economy Dummy

by October 23rd, 2008 - Politics »

Many interesting avenues branch from this subject that I hope to explore more deeply in future thoughts and articles, but as with any subject of debate, it all really does begin with commonsense, which we all have the ability to conjure forth…oneself one’s primary source.

There are serious, fundamental problems with a statement such as, “Oh, it is all so complicated that I’ll let smarter people than I handle it.” It takes one out of the discussion, which is vital not only to one’s own happiness and security, but also the very effectiveness of the management of the subject at hand. The world may find itself in a situation whereby the “smarter people” have grown or were already terribly dumb and dangerous; or perhaps complacently corrupted without any checks on their power.

Therefore, even if I should never become the preeminent expert on the subject of economics, remaining something only slightly better than a slobbering rabble-rouser– not actually a belief of mine – I will still participate in order to break down or strengthen the prevailing opinion on the subject. For hopefully, if those in a position of power are made to expect to be more strongly challenged on their knowledge, they best seek the strongest, least assailable position, which should subsequently provide a better management of the subject. And although only faith can pretend a utopian world, we may still hope to make ours better and better…

Shit happens…thankfully. And thankfully, most of all that happens, including ourselves, is an indefinite work in progress… Let’s attempt a half-decent map…or at least the doubting thought of one.

I’m Thomas K…and I’m not.

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