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Bill Hicks’ Late Show

by February 6th, 2009 - Culture »

Philosophy… That is the title of Bill Hicks‘ “Best of” album and truly the element that sets Bill Hicks apart from most other stand-up comedians with only the exception of George Carlin coming to mind. Not content with lightheartedly making observations of the trivial annoyances of day to day life, Hicks developed material biting at […]

Marc Maron and Friends: Real…Rare…Stand Up

by February 1st, 2009 - Culture » Performance »

Tuesday, January 27th, just a shade safely into the labyrinthine West Village of New York City, stand up comedians of considerable stature rather spontaneously combusted on stage, scalding the soft sensibilities of the small squishy minds stuffed into an impossibly smaller space. Oh…perhaps its wasn’t as elaborate as all that…but it was only $10…as Marc […]

Saying Something Nice about George W. Bush

by December 28th, 2008 - Culture » Politics »

It is, normally, quite hard to think of something nice to say about George W. Bush. With his departure fast approaching, it is…very…very…easy to think of a long list of horrible, horrible things to say about George W. Bush. However, I find that this IS in fact the only nice thing to say about W. […]

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