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The Lost Safari: Part 2

by January 18th, 2008 - Science »

previously: The Lost Safari: Part 1 So where does reality finally take hold in this silly imagining. Well…it’s at the point that we stare high into the elephant’s eye. I truly believe most animals wouldn’t be as overwhelmingly formidable as most people fear. With lions and tigers, and indeed even polar bears, oh my, it […]

The Lost Safari: Part 1

by January 17th, 2008 - Science »

The tale once began like this: I am alone in the middle of the Savage Land…a hidden pocket of untamed life…with only semi-mystical leather pants long ago lost —now found — and a large bowie knife for protection and sport. This is not a hunting expedition. I will not attack, but I will taunt any […]

Head for a Hole

by January 13th, 2008 - Science » Creative » Writing »

So, you do understand what’s wrong with you — well this time anyway — don’t you? Yes, it seems that all the calcium that you take in, and mind you it’s a small amount — but over time… — is distributed directly and exclusively to your head, the cranium, you understand. This has many consequences, […]

Space Is The Place

by January 9th, 2008 - Science » Creative » Writing »

When I used to – [singing] “Space is the place…” Ahem. All the way back in – [singing] “…space is the place…” GOD DAMN IT! Alirght, already. I dig. Space is the place. It has been…for like 6 years now. Leave me alone, Sun Ra…I’m writing. Ok…he’s gone. He visits every now and then. He […]

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