The 10 Doctors – A Doctor Who Halloween

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The time growing earlier than it is late, we’ve come onto a weak, eerie twilight that blinds in places and plays with shadows in others…a weird reflection of the sun and the earth’s energy intensely building behind each group at either end of the avenue…a melodramatic prelude to a colorful time war.

“When I say run…run…”

Without a word, we 10 stoically form a line, shoulder to shoulder.

A moment’s pause…

Behind us, from out of nowhere spring all manner of companions, prominent and unremarkable…Susan Foreman, Jamie, Sarah Jane Smith, Rose, Captain Jack HarknessK9!

Another moment…

Behind them…under the command of Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is an army of UNIT soldiers at the ready.

And at the sound of drums


With a fury of gunpowder hoof beats, heroes and villains explode upon each other in fierce battle…playful pushing…lively conversation…heartfelt titters , giggles and guffaws.

Having accidentally run the wrong way, I make my way to the heart of the battle that is now clearly won, claiming my well deserved accolades for my heroism.

It is now well morning, and even the strange , glorious feelings of fandom shared this night have begun to fade to a physical malaise as dozens of characters go their own way home.

We Doctors of course take great care to be unbearably witty with each other as we bid our farewells. Mine are the wittiest…

Joyfully wringing my hands together, walking alone in a particular direction, I can’t help reflecting on the night’s events.

“Ahhhhh…that WAS a fine time.”

I find a suitable alley and rather casually duck into it, pulling out my deluxe model sonic screwdriver. Twisting and pushing and rattling all of the right parts, a sound not unlike a key being run along a piano wire is rhythmically heard as a soft blue light begins to glow throughout the alley.

Stepping into the now materialized TARDIS, I remark to a semi-clothed Jamie inside, “The human race never ceases to amaze…and hopefully neither will I.”

The strange sound picks up again and so do I…

I’m Thomas K…and I’m not.

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