Do You Take Your Prigs Smarmy? The Declaration of Independents Promotional Tour!

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Smarmy Prigs…

You can tell I don’t work in marketing, right?

And that designation, while fairly damn comical to me, doesn’t fairly reflect authors Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch and their newly released book, The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong With America. The prologue “Pursuing Happiness, Not Politics” puts forth the book’s central idea, that many Americans want only to seek out their many, varied passions and are only now, grudgingly, getting more involved in politics as it becomes painfully clear that the status quo of the Republican Democratic Party does not reflect these values, instead actually creating barriers to pursuits of happiness better left unfettered.

I admire both writers not only due to the governmental philosophy from which they derive their take on daily political events, but also the skill, style, and soundness of their journalism. Were either to unexpectedly pen an article entitled, “We Must Bomb Lichtenstein…YESTERDAY!” I would be certain – pushing past the shocking subject – that the writing would at least be entertaining.

A full review – cautionary of an acknowledged amount of bias – will follow after I’ve finished the book.


Yes, I am a slow reader, but I’ve also just recently received the book and – to be fair – was unable to ignore other more pressing pursuits of happiness today, such as walking the High Line and day-dreaming – ONLY DAY-DREAMING – about punting little children as they walked towards me.

And there’s really no time to read the damn book as the promotional tour is already kicking off.

I am attending a recording of Stossel dedicated to the The Declaration of Independents that will air on Fox Business Network Thursday, June 23rd at 10pm, re-airing Saturday and Sunday at 9pm and Midnight. In addition to the smarmy authors, the show will also feature golden age MTV contributors Kurt Loder and Kennedy, discussing the dynamics and benefits of a freer culture. If the show happened to be intercut with an animation authored by Sam Keith, I think my teenage masturbatory fantasy would be complete.

Also on Thursday June 23rd, the authors will be giving a talk at the Barnes and Noble on 82nd and Broadway in New York City at 7pm.

More events and information related to the book can be found at In addition to Reason Magazine, its accompanying blog Hit & Run is a great place to read contributions by Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch and many more prigs, smarmy or otherwise, helping to answer such questions as, “What Should Be Done…About…Everything?!” the answer being something more calm and rational than the default panic of “Something. ANYTHING. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

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