Gary Johnson, Ron Paul to Rock Your Thought Socks Off: First Republican Primary May 5th 9PM

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Yes. I am aware that you might not be interested in a presidential debate, right now…

I know President Obama DID recently use his Super Friends’ powers to commune with all of nature, pinpointing the exact location of Osama Bin Laden and then transformed into pure energy with which he infiltrated Bin Laden’s compound and very biology and then suddenly once again becoming solid, bursting forth from the terrorist’s insides as though simply shedding a skin, very literally destroying America’s number one enemy.

And he can make Julienne Fries…

So there probably isn’t a reason for another president…ever…

This is all undeniable.

However, there is a very interesting debate coming up Thursday May 5th at 9PM EST on Fox News.

Yes…Fox News.

I know…I know…but the the Hallmark and Disney channels didn’t have any room in their schedules.

However, if you can choke it down for an hour or so, do watch the First in the South Republican Primary. Most all debates simply involve some variation of reality television fan pandering or backstabbing. And much of that will be the same in this primary, except for Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

I prefer Gary Johnson over Ron Paul due to the differences in abortion and immigration policies, but both are there to really argue ideas over politics, philosophy over mud-slinging.

During the last debates, Ron Paul was marginalized by the other traditional candidates, laughed at for his concerns over the economy, the burden of our extensive war commitments, dangers of the federal reserve, and the intrusiveness of the government into our lives such as through the Patriot Act.

This election cycle, however, it may not be as easy to discount these issues when you have another candidate in Gary Johnson to confirm the same concerns and perhaps even further clarify them.

Even if you are dead set against Republicans, there should be some very different information available from Paul and Johnson. I would be surprised if you came back here and told me you were not surprised by what they talked about. And if you find either of the two to fail your desires do share that information with me.

Then we wouldn’t just have stupid one-note punditry…

What we would have then would be a real political conversation leading up to an election rather than the glazed eyes passive passing of time that simply results in…another president

Also, I won’t personally be able to watch it live. So…literally…let me know how it goes…

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