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Gym to Gym High School Vault Heist Pink Hair Marijuana Treasure Through 70s Cops and Beatles

by March 18th, 2010 - Creative » Writing »

JTK’s Dream Diary – March 16, 2010 Bright white beams of light shine off similarly colored walls, contrasting with the grey green rubber mud of the floor and the machines as last call is called in this letdown fitness center of my dreams. I scurry, as seems normal procedure, through a small square tunnel lined […]

BirdBeast in Flight

by January 12th, 2008 - Creative » Writing »

Ratchet’s Dream Diary – November 29, 2007 I am standing at the window of my office in Midtown Manhattan, looking at a white marble building across the street. The white building has 6 holes in the side, about 40 stories up. Each hole is about 5 feet in diameter, has a short rim and is […]

Too Close to Love

by January 1st, 2008 - Creative » Writing »

Ratchet’s Dream Diary – December 31, 2007 I am straddling Glenn Close. She is radiant, wrapped in a white sarong that caresses her body and flows out over the bed to infinity. Her hair, a pile of tousled blond curls, seems to glow in the darkness that surrounds us. I stand, my legs on either […]

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