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Out of Kool-Aid

by December 27th, 2009 - Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

Most people have not only drank the kool-aid, they have mixed it with the sexual secretions of their brood and spread it all over their writhing bodies, infiltrating their every crease, crevice and orifice, boring out their insides until they are but a husk with only enough moisture to drool in dependent, delicious rapture.


by November 27th, 2009 - Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

Of free will…my thoughts argue against and prove it true…my actions for and false…all a pleasure…to what may be…the senses.

Not Necessarily Necessity

by September 2nd, 2009 - Creative » Witty Bit Eruptions »

Should any action of mine seem brave or adventurous, trust that it is only taken out of a desperate, desperate boredom of the alternative.

Cutting Teeth

by August 25th, 2009 - Creative » Poetry »

A perfect death for its almost nature An effort towards a injested jelly Further a tearing white flash and die just more A dripping grin toweling off Spitting out a barbwire breath to begin again

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